v0.8.0 150 150 Bonsai Writer

🌟 New Features

  • The user can now decide whether Bonsai Writer should inform him about updates or not. He can control the behavior in the update dialog or anytime via the Help menu.
  • When starting Bonsai Writer for the first time, the user is presented with some hints for working with Bonsai Writer. This should help new users to find their way around and to get to know the special interaction possibilities of Bonsai Writer.

🐞 Bug Fixes

In the “unsaved changes” dialog, now the file name is used, if the document has already been saved before.

💅 User Interface / Design

  • The color design of the handles has been adapted so that they are now also visible on very bright adjusted monitors.
  • A banner with the word “Alpha” is now visible in the upper right corner of the document window to show users that the software is an Alpha version.

🌻 Improvements

  • The update notification now appears in the form of a dialog window.
  • The menu item for the PDF export now presents a Coming soon hint. The previous (prototypical) PDF export has been removed and will soon be replaced by a much better, completely new implementation.