v0.7.0 150 150 Bonsai Writer

🌟 New Features

For list elements, the handle and structure menus now offer the possibility to increase the list level along with its child elements. For the first list element of a list, you cannot increase the list level, as this would not be useful.

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • When opening a BWT file, the window title is no longer “Bonsai Writer”, instead the file name is displayed.
  • Copying and pasting after selecting the entire document no longer leads to an error.
  • Changing the window height no longer causes the font to flicker.

💅 User Interface / Design

The colors in the outline view have been revised.

🌻 Improvements

  • If an image is selected that is in a list, pressing Enter inserts a new list element into the list right after the image.
  • If you click under an image that is at the end of the document, a new paragraph is created there.
  • For failed exports (via plug-in) a message now appears, informing the user that the export failed.
  • The help menu now contains an additional link to the license terms on the Bonsai Writer website. The entry to activate the developer tools has been removed.
  • The context menu shows the options to change the text structure only when opened in the text area.

Bonsai Writer Plug-ins

The plug-in interface has been extended by a call for the first setup (initialization). A Bonsai Writer plug-in can therefore perform necessary steps before the first use – e.g. loading required components.