v0.6.0 150 150 Bonsai Writer

🌟 New Features


Bonsai Writer’s export capabilities can now be extended using plug-ins. Such a PlugIn must conform to the Bonsai Writer Plugin Interface Specification, which will be released shortly. Every developer gets the possibility to develop a Bonsai Writer Export PlugIn for his or her desired format. The end user simply puts the plug-in into the PlugIns folder in the user data folder of the Bonsai Writer application (under macOS this is e.g. /Users/{username}/Library/Application Support/Bonsai Writer/PlugIns/), restarts the application and the new export option is available via the application menu.

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • The “Edit” menu is now correctly translated to German.
  • When dragging and dropping in lists, the display line no longer flickers.
  • The cursor does not jump back when changing the width of the outline view.
  • Usage of the Tab key no longer causes the focus to change to another element.

💅 User Interface / Design

  • The metadata view is only displayed if a block is currently selected for which metadata can be edited; currently these are image and code block.
  • The metadata view now displays the data of a selected block until another block or other control element in the window (e.g. the document title) becomes the text input target.
  • The headings submenu of the block handle now opens when the user moves the pointer to the Headings entry. Until now, an extra click was necessary for this.
Presentation in the editor
  • Images now have a border and are positioned left-aligned.
  • Images are now scaled to a maximum size if they are too wide or too high.
  • The code block title is now positioned left-aligned below the code block.
  • The color and radius of the code block have been adjusted.

🌻 Improvements

  • The performance when opening a new window has been improved.
  • A file with the license texts of used modules of other developers is now bundled with the app.